As the festive season approaches thoughts turn to party presses and dancing the night away but how do you survive the sometimes inevitable hangover and lethargy you’re left with? Here’s my guide to surviving the party season.

If you have a 9am meeting on the horizon or a toddler whose awake at 6am then lack of sleep, dehydration, and cravings for unhealthy, greasy or carb rich comfort food isn’t the best start to the day. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that bad. 

I can’t promise you a hangover free morning, but if you follow these tips you can be sure of a more productive, and all round nicer, day. 

Get the Balance right

It’s so true, you can have too much of anything – even a good time! But saying No and staying in while your friends party the night away makes Jill a very boring girl! Social interactions have the ability to change the neuronal activity in your brain, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety and increasing feelings of happiness and calm, so taking some time out with the girls might actually do you some good. How many nights you party a week will very much depend on your activity and your recovery though so beware and plan accordingly. 

Stay Hydrated

Hydration really is king when it comes to managing a potential hangover. If you can stay hydrated throughout the day, which means drinking approx. 1.2 – 2 litres of fluid a day then you set the scene to start your night right. And by fluid I really mean Water – good old H2O!  Of course tea and coffee count towards your daily intake but they both have a diuretic effect, so if possible opt for herbal tea and water as your means of staying hydrated. If plain old water isn’t your thing then jazz it up with herbs and fruit. Some of my favourites are rosemary and mint, mint and lemon, lemon and lime and cucumber. One of my top tips is to alternate between an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink – it’s unlikely that anyone will notice that you’re not knocking back the alcohol all night but your body, and your head, will thank you for it in the morning. For added energy and focus while you’re out partying you might also add the Arbonne Mind Health drink. It’s packed with B vitamins, more on the benefits of these later, so will set you up for a great night as well as helping you to focus on remembering people’s names! This delicious cherry lime flavoured drink is packed with Vitamin B12which supports normal neurological performance such as concentration, memory and focus,grape seed extract which helps protect cells from free radical damage – the damage that causes ageing amongst other things - and CoQ10 which helps support cellular function and is the compound that generates energy in your cells.

Sleep In

You’ve heard the old saying about burning the candle at both ends, well it’s particularly true at this time of year. Plan to get your rest in before you party so you have the stamina to party till the wee small hours. 

Eat Well

I’m of the opinion that you should never go to an event hungry even if that means having a healthy meal or snack before you go! I often opt for a Protein smoothie as they will fill me up and are packed with vitamins and minerals (so often depleted by alcohol) but they are gentle on the stomach. My favourite is a vanilla flavoured Arbonne shake! They are a plant based protein so easily absorbed and vegan too. There’s nothing worse than attending an event where you think you’ll be eating at 8pm and the food arrives at 10pm. By then you’re well past it and the alcohol you have consumed will be doing its worst. It’s also much harder to resist the unhealthy beige food so often prevalent at buffets when your body has taken in alcohol - the old adage ‘never eat beige food’ is something I live by as it tends to be mostly processed carbs with little nutritional value. Instead opt for the least processed and beige-looking options as generally speaking, the more colourful the canapé, the healthier it is.

Electrolytes and B Vitamins

While most people know that getting boozy leads to a depletion in electrolytes and minerals in our bodies due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, less people are aware of the diminishment of our vitamin B stores too. B vitamins are essential substances that cannot be made by the body (either in adequate amounts or at all) and consequently need to be taken in from the food that we eat.  

They help the body in a whole host of ways – from maintaining healthy cognitive function to boosting energy levels so drinking or eating foods rich in them in the run up to a big event and the following day is key to recovery. Eggs, Liver and Peas are all rich in B vitamins but may not be what you fancy the morning after a night out! I stick with an energy Fizz Stick as these are packed with B Vitamins as well as pantothenic acid, which contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue and chromium for maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Available in 3 delicious flavours are you in the Team Citrus, Team Pomegranate or Team Blackberry camp?

As a precaution and to enable me to sleep I always take a rehydration drink before I go to bed after a night on the tiles. For me the Arbonne Phytosport Complete Hydration is the best complex of electrolytes, Vitamin C and botanicals including cayenne, ginseng and turmeric.

If you follow these tips you’re sure to have a great party season and enter the New Year with renewed energy and ready to take on 2019! But if you know you need to reset in 2019 then message me about my 30 days to healthy living plan which is designed to detox on a cellular level increasing energy, ridding the body of toxic build up and reducing the toxins you ingest, healing the gut, increasing your nutritional intake, reducing stress and improving skin, hair and nails, plus so much more. 


/blog/how-survive-party-season How to Survive the Party Season As the festive season approaches thoughts turn to party presses and dancing the night away but how do you survive the sometimes inevitable hangover ...

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