One of the things I love about working with Wellbeing Clients is the growth that they experience in all areas of their life as they start to take a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

When I first joined Arbonne as an Independent Consultant, they taught me about the power of personal learning and it is something I have fully embraced.

We now have so much information at our fingertips it can be hard to know where to start and so I have been working with Keith Kochner. An amazing International Speaker, Coach and Mentor, and I’m excited to be able to share his philosophy with friends in the UK at a Super One Day Exchange.

The event, which takes place on 4th May, will introduce you to a specific group of principles and strategies which, when used continually and consistently, will help you to reach your highest potential and levels of fulfilment in the workplace and when you’re with friends and family.

It’s a place where people start learning to stop accepting what they get and to start creating what they want. If you are looking to exchange your good life for your greatest life (whether you’re hoping to develop your career, business or personal life) then this is the event for you.

So ask yourself…

  • Are you Living Your Greatest Life?
  • Is your future success hindered by your past?
  • Are you the greatest parent you can be?
  • Are your relationships intimate?
  • Do you have balance in your life?
  • Is your business the greatest it can be?

Think about these questions and then register for the Super 1 Day Exchange if to learn tools and techniques to help create success, intimacy, balance, and healthy relationships both professionally and personally.

Keith is an inspiring leader. His approach to personal development is to look at the inside first and to see what is holding us back and how we can overcome obstacles in order to achieve what we desire in our lives. It’s a philosophy that works, as evidenced by the thousands of clients who call him ‘The Mentor’.

Having worked with Keith in the past I have found his techniques really helpful in allowing me to move forward in both my personal and my business life. We all enter a conversation with a story going on in our head, whether that’s a conversation with a boss, a potential business client or a partner or friend in the playground.

When we learn to re-write the stories from our past, and approach each relationship afresh, we change everything. So many times we approach life needing to be right about the story we are telling ourselves rather than being successful.

If I think a particular work colleague is uncomfortable around me when I meet with them, I want my experience of that interaction to support my belief so I’m looking for moments when I’m uncomfortable and he/she is potentially uncomfortable. Instead if I rewrite my story, I can simply accept the relationship for what it is and enjoy the experience and work productively together – and you can bring this attitude to your daily life too.

Fellow Arbonne Independent Consultant, Donna Jonhson, had this to say about Keith: “I’ve found Keith has the extraordinary ability to connect deeply, moving people in a profound way....This helps people relate, and gives them the skills and ongoing support through Mentorfish, to grow and succeed in every area of their life.”

Keith’s view is that coaching should not only be available to the very rich or famous. He says: “I am on a mission to educate everyone everywhere to live their greatest life.”

Having made that promise I am holding him to it and he is coming to the UK on 4th May this year to run this Super One Day Exchange as part of his mentorship programme.

Giving his time for free, so that we can all benefit, he is stepping into his own greatness to put his beliefs into action. Book your tickets here – tickets will sell out.

Early bird tickets at £50 are open until the end of April so don’t miss out!

Both Keith and I are running the Super One day Exchange as a non-profit event and any profit that is made after the venue has been paid for will be donated to Keith’s charitable foundation supporting teenagers.

For further information about Keith Kochner visit his web site at


/blog/live-your-greatest-life-one-day-event Live your greatest life with this one day event One of the things I love about working with Wellbeing Clients is the growth that they experience in all areas of their life as they start to take a ...

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