Pucker up your pelvic floor this Valentine’s Day

It’s true, I did almost spill my herbal tea when Diane, one of my lovely Arbonne team and a physiotherapist started chatting with me about puckering up my pelvic floor for Valentine’s day.

Really! Was I actually having this conversation in a public space? But when you think about it, this is exactly the sort of conversation what we, as modern women, should be having. Our sexual health is in our hands (no pun intended!) and we need to be open about what we need to help improve it.

So it turns out that physiotherapists who specialise in pelvic health problems are reminding women that pelvic floor muscles are vital for sexual pleasure this Valentine’s day.

Here I have to stop and ask a personal question. Are you puckering up right now!?!

I’ve realised that I can’t have a conversation or type anything about my pelvic floor without puckering up. That’s got to be a good thing. Right?

Most people associate pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) with reducing incontinence but may not know that research has shown that strengthening, toning and knowing how to relax the muscular floor of the pelvis has an impact on sexual enjoyment and performance too.

Pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises tone and strengthen these muscles, improving blood supply and nerve activity all leading to greater pleasure.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, just like my great friend Diane, specialise in teaching pelvic floor exercises and can offer a full assessment, examination, advice and treatment.

If you’d like to know more then download a free pelvic floor exercise booklet from the POGP website

There’s one for women and, just as importantly, one for men!

All this talk of kegels and puckering reminds me of a conversation I had by the pool in Las Vegas as Arbonne’s Global Training Conference last year. I was chatting with a fellow Independent Consultant about one of the new product launches and the fabulous Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream which I had been recommending to women with sensitive skin who wanted some extra moisturising properties.

It’s a lovely thick cream which glides on and really absorbs into your skin. It feels luxurious and deeply moisturises, soothes and softens skin.

You know I sell a lot of the rejuvenating cream around Valentine’s Day, she said.

“Really, why’s that?”

“It’s fabulous on every part of your body and especially if you get sore down below!”

So now I know. I seem to recall I was puckering up my pelvic floor after that conversation too!  

If you feel you would benefit from seeing a specialist physiotherapist do talk to your GP about a referral. 

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