Just when you thought it was safe to wear a jumper all winter...

the weather turns milder or you get invited to a cocktail party and have to bare all – well your arms at least!

Arm yourself in readiness with these three super arm exercises which are designed to strengthen the arms and ensure you wave goodbye to your wobbly bits.

Here's my top 3 exercises to start you on your journey to toned arms. Do them 3 to 5 times a week for best results.


Tricep lifts

Stand with feet together and parallel facing forwards.

Keep your shoulders and hips square and your knees soft – your weight should be going straight down through your feet.

Hinge your upper body forward like a ski slope – about 30 degrees. This stops you using your back muscles and makes you engage your arm muscles.

Reach your arms behind you and stretch through your fingertips. If you’re using weights hold them so your finger tips are lengthened rather than in tight fists.

Don’t raise your shoulders. Think about lengthening your shoulder blades down your back and lowering your shoulders.

If it helps, imagine you have a broom handle between your hands so you can’t move your arms below your bottom or the broom will touch your back.

Maintain the height of your arm extension, and pulse your arms up toward the ceiling. Keep the pulses small movements of about 1–2 inches to keep your triceps contracted for long, lean and strong arms.

Pulse 20 – 50 times.

Elephant flaps

Set up the same as you would with the Tricep lifts.

Soften your knees and lift your arms straight up above your head. Keep your elbows next to your ears. If you are using weights have a dumbbell in each hand.

Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle with the weights behind you.

Squeeze your triceps to straighten your arms, pressing the dumbbell up. Your elbows should never leave your ears.

Repeat 12 times.

Plank dips

Come into a plank position with your hands shoulder width apart and toes on the floor approximately one foot length apart. Your hands should be stacked under your shoulders. Your back should be straight (as in a plank) and your bottom should not be sticking up. Keep your hips level.

Bend your arms slowly until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle, then press back up to straighten.

Repeat 12 times.

If holding the plank position is too much, then lower your knees to the floor and uncurl your feet. You should still have a straight back from your shoulders to your knees without your bottom sticking up. Once you’ve mastered the plank dip from this position, try the full plank version to keep benefiting from your work out.

And last but not least…relax and enjoy a hydrating drink!


I hope you’ll enjoy these exercises and start to feel more confident about getting your arms out – I know they’ve helped me a lot. If you have any favourite arm exercises you love, make sure you tweet me

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