So you’re interested in eating clean. It seems to be a new buzz word and about time too.

When we see food as medicine, rather than simply fuel for our bodies, then our whole attitude to eating changes and with it our health, our sleep patterns, our energy levels and our weight!

How do I know all this? Because I’ve been on quite a transformational journey to better health myself over the last few years.

To be honest when one of my friends from Arbonne, (the Health and Wellness business I ran alongside my design business for 3 years and now run alone), asked me if I’d join her on a family Detox I thought she was having a laugh! We were already healthy I told her. We had an organic fruit and vegetable box delivered weekly (and we ate most of what was in it), bought our meat from the farmers market, made most of our meals ourselves, from fresh, and walked the dog! I didn’t need to detox.

But she somehow talked me into it, and miracle of miracles, I somehow talked Mr H into it, and the journey began. At first there was a lot of kicking and screaming:

“But I can’t make a sauce or a gravy without wine, you need to deglaze the pan,” came Mr H’s cry!

“I won’t be full for school if all I’ve had is a smoothie for breakfast,” Miss H said.

We were on a roll with the complaints and arguments about the nutritional value of Nutella, and it wasn’t going well.

We went back to basics and I explained why we were doing it…

Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins, in what we eat – refined sugar; wheat and gluten; artificial preservatives, flavours, dyes, colours and E numbers; milk and milk by-products; caffeine and alcohol, Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) and meats filled with hormones and antibiotics.

If we return to eating natural wholefoods (things that grow on trees or in the ground) and were once alive, then our bodies can heal themselves. For some the toxins I’ve mentioned above create an allergic reaction or a slight uncomfortableness when eaten, for others they seem to have no effect at all but they all build up over time.

Our bodies are like a bath tub. You have the taps on and the plug in and the toxins are filling up and up until the bath is overflowing and the sitting room ceiling below is in danger of caving in. If we just pulled the plug out, got our digestion in order but kept the taps on, so continuing to add the toxins, the bath would still be overflowing. So we need to take action. Turn the taps off, stop adding the toxins and pull the plug out too. Our bodies are able to drain themselves and our elimination organs: our intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin can do what they are meant to do – heal our bodies and bring us back to optimum health.

We’ll feel better, we’ll have more energy, we’ll sleep better and our skin will be clear and bright.

We detoxed for just 28 days -Long enough to notice a difference and to see if we do have any allergies or insensitivities to the foods we love.

Don’t ask me how I pulled it off, it must have been the best pitch I’ve ever made, but I somehow got them on board and so the journey began.

And this is why I’m passionate about clean eating and am telling you all this. I now eat like this 80% of the time. And yes, it has changed my life. My body has changed shape, it looks leaner, I sleep like a log, my moods have changed (for the better), my skin positively glows (and people notice) and I have boundless energy. And you can too. I now teach this philosophy to others so they can experience what I experienced and find their way back to optimum health.

I’m not going to lie, the first week was hard.  I had one of those crazy headaches on day four which virtually knocked me sideways but after that it was OK. We soon got into the habit of eating clean and began to cook as a family together and to experiment with different flavours which came from the food we were cooking, rather than what we were masking blandness with (sauces, gravy, ketchup etc).

I also love to teach philosophy towards food as I think this drives us more than anything else. If you can change this, you change your attitude too, and this enables you to change your actions and this creates greater and better results.

The diet fads that have never worked, and never will, become a thing of the past.  Instead our actions, in choosing what we know our bodies want and what makes us feel energised and vital, become our path to health.

We have a proven step by step system which works and will enable you to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

So if you’re ready to make a change in your life, get in touch. I’ll talk you through everything you need to get on the ladder to greater health and vitality.

Let's do this together!


/blog/my-guide-clean-eating My guide to clean eating So you’re interested in eating clean. It seems to be a new buzz word and about time too. When we see food as medicine, rather than simply fuel for ...

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