Is the end of the facelift on the horizon? 

Modern women are shunning invasive surgery for gentler methods of preventing skin ageing, new figures suggest. People are opting for more natural alternatives to Botox and non-surgical facelifts.

Data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) found that the number of cosmetic operations last year dropped 40 per cent since reaching record-breaking heights in 2015.

Face and neck lifts fell by 53 per cent last year to just 3,453, from 6,402 in 2015. Eyelid surgery was also down 38 per cent. 

For the first time in a decade total cosmetic procedures for both women and men combined dipped below 31,000, the lowest it has been since 2006.

BAAPS said that non-surgical options such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion were taking over from the traditional nip-and-tuck – non-invasive facelifts and treatments are growing in popularity.

It’s good news for all of us. Surely we are all better off treating our health and wellness with a more natural approach with natural, non-surgical facelifts. That’s’ why I love the Arbonne philosophy to pure, safe and beneficial, botanical products.

What’s crazy is that women feel that they need to look good and are prepared to do some extreme things to achieve those ‘looking good’ comments.

There’s also a commonly held belief that you can’t reverse (or at least refine) ageing naturally, by supporting and loving your skin. Women don’t believe that natural alternatives to Botox or a natural facelift exists, or that alternatives to Botox and non-surgical facelifts are as effective.

We think the knife and needle are the only answer to premature ageing and feeling good about ourselves past a certain age.

That is totally wrong. Let’s first debunk this myth that knives and needles are the only answer to premature ageing.


Yes, I have a version of a natural facelift. It works for me, and I’m nearly 50, so maybe it could work for you too. Worth a try, right?

I’d definitely advise exploring non-invasive facelifts and facelift alternatives before you consider anything more intrusive and surgical.

The following steps keep my skin youthful and radiant in my late 40’s.

Maybe they don’t freeze my face (which is reassuring as I want friends to know when I’m happy or upset), but they do lift, smooth and firm my skin.

And the best part? These steps are simple, safe and painless

  1.  I use cutting-edge, safe anti-ageing skincare.
  2.  I use a beauty tool that smooths and refines my skin, creating luminous radiance
  3. I use safe anti-ageing skin treatments during cleansing link to cellular renewal masque and clinically tested firming and lifting products to get the best results.
  4. I support my skin holistically through good nutrition, exercise, relaxation and plenty of sleep.

There’s more on my skincare tool of choice in this blog.

Supporting your skin, inside and out, is the best non-toxic solution to premature ageing and a great alternative to facelifts or Botox.

The products I use are premium, but still cost less than a luxury brand like Chanel.

Yet, an independent clinical study proved that they give BETTER results than the top department store brands in the US.

I don’t want to resort to knives and needles or injecting poison into my skin to retain my youthful looks. And besides, as a client pointed out to me recently, Botox can cost £250 a time depending on the treatment, and only lasts 3-4 months.

The skin care I use lasts about 4 - 6 months when used correctly.

Plus, if you join their loyalty program you get 20% off for 12 months and a free product of your choosing on your first order.

Not to mention, access to special 40% off value packs.

So the cost is more economical compared to regular Botox injections and trust me, it’s a much more pleasurable experience.

We each have different priorities around our beauty routines and some people spend more on products and treatments than others. You decide how much to invest in your skin, but don’t be fooled by brands who say their products will de-age you. Always ask to see the clinical studies to back up their claims.


I thought my diet was pretty healthy until I got to know the Arbonne nutritional line. I soon realised that while I thought I was eating healthily my diet was loaded with hidden sugar and toxins like gluten which were making me ill and doing little to help my skin. Coupled with that the absorption levels from my food were pretty low. I was lacking in some of the key essential nutrients including: B vitamins, Magnesium, iron, vitamin D and protein.

These nutrients are the building blocks you need for healthy, glowing skin (and good health in general)!

Thankfully, since adding them back into my diet and eating a healthy wholefoods diet designed for optimal nutrition, my skin looks younger and healthier.

And now that I know how to support my skin holistically, I want to share it with you too.

Supporting your skin, inside and out, is the best non-toxic solution to premature ageing.

There really are non-surgical and non-invasive solutions to improve your skin for a natural facelift. You just need to find the best products for your skin and budget and the wellness plan to match. I’m here to help so please get in touch.  I love to tailor make packages to support each individual and enhance their natural beauty without any need for a knife or needle.


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