Make your skin look and feel amazing this winter

I’m constantly striving for balance, whether it’s with work, family life, exercise or food … so why should beauty be any different? If you’ve read any of my blogs you’ll know that I take an inside out approach to beauty. I know that the only reason my skin has such a healthy glow is because I take care of myself. I eat natural wholefoods as much as possible, don’t drink caffeine or fizzy drinks and generally exercise every day, even if it is just to walk the dog!

I also know that my self-care rituals, like making time to meditate each morning, even if it is for just 10 minutes, help to create that radiant skin. Before I started my Arbonne business I really did see skincare as a chore. I spent money on good products but never read the labels. I simply bought into the marketing hype behind the big brands and hoped for the best. I now know that the botanical ingredients within each and every Arbonne product make all the difference. Not only do the products make my skin glow, but the changes the business have afforded me puts a spring in my step and gives me a confidence boost too.

I started with a trail pack of Arbonne’s RE9 (their flagship anti-ageing range) and within two days I’d noticed a difference. And after embracing my new skincare routine for a week the results were visibly clear and girlfriends were asking me what I was up to since I looked so great. If you’re interested in finding out how their skincare routine could work for you, and want to get your hands on these amazing products message me. I’d love to share a 4 day trial pack with you to give your skin a healthy glow this winter.

After embracing an RE9 ritual for three or four days I know you’ll be amazed at how good you and your skin feel!

I understand that while the weather is dull and lifeless outside it’s hard to get excited about creating great skin but I promise this pre-night-out routine will have your skin glowing and ready to party. These products will get your winter skincare routine back on track. And if your pre-going-out routine normally involves getting two toddlers down before the babysitter arrives and then putting the nearest clean dress on this is still a winter skincare routine you can master. I did – enough said!

I've perfected a pre-party facial that is perfect for busy people like you and me. Not only will it give you the iridescent, look-at-me skin you’ve always wanted, but you can do it in fifteen minutes at home while you put the kids to bed if you have to! There are just 4 simple steps: wash, exfoliate, add a masque and apply a moisturising oil. Voila - you’re done – glowing winter skin!  

Ali's Pre-Going Out Facial

Clogged pores, a lack of radiance and an uneven skin surface are all symptoms of congested skin. Product build-up, poor diet and environmental factors can leave your skin lacking its usual clarity and glow. Exfoliate the top layer of skin—this is what causes that lacklustre winter look. Remember to treat your neck and décolleté too and you will see results almost immediately. 

This exfoliation prepares the skin for better absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and hydration. It’s impossible to over-hydrate during the winter, which is why I add in the Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil to my winter skincare routine. It’s a dry oil which contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as a super antioxidant to ensure a radiant glow.

Ali’s easy winter skincare routine:

  1. Wash your face and décolleté with your Arbonne cleanser of choice. I love the RE9 Smoothing facial cleanser. It’s a rich pearlescent cream which gently washes away makeup and impurities. Retailing at £36 it's great value for money but message me and I can set you up as one of my Preferred Clients. You pay a joining fee of £17 but get 20% off everything for a whole 12 months.   
  2. Apply Arbonne FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub. Fresh carrot cells help this gentle exfoliant to work its magic, revealing radiant healthy looking skin when used as part of your winter skincare routine. £28/preferred client £22.40. 
  3. Apply RE9 Cellular Renewal Masque to the whole face, neck and décolleté avoiding the delicate eye area. Set the timer on your phone and leave for just 5 minutes. This amazing formula, packed with pineapple and papaya enzymes, and algae extract gently exfoliates to visibly improve the appearance of skin tone and texture, minimises the look of pores and provides a radiant glow by drawing blood to the skin’s surface. Wash off with the RE9 cleanser to remove any enzymes still working and pat your face dry. It's a salon treatment for a fraction of the cost. £57/PC £45.60
  4. For the ultimate moisturisation apply a few drops of Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil. £65/ PC £52 This superfood for your skin provides just the right amount of hydration and moisture where it’s needed most. It will create a more radiant, even toned complexion and is a perfect primer for foundation and makeup.

Or if your skin is feeling super dry, apply your favourite Arbonne moisturiser on top too. Mine is the RE9 Extra Moisture Restorative day cream.  £55/ PC £44 This ultra-hydrating cream mositurises deeply and supports collagen while protecting the skin’s youthful appearance. It’s packed with algae extract and peptides and in a clinical study after 4 weeks 100% of women had significant improvement in look of skin firmness – perfect for an amazing finishing touch to your winter skincare routine.

The only tricky part in all this is stopping yourself eating the products as you go along, they smell so delicious! I hope you enjoyed learning more about my winter skincare routine and my super quick and easy facial. Let me know what you think if you give it a go! 

/blog/winter-skincare-healthy-glow Winter skincare for a healthy glow Make your skin look and feel amazing this winter I’m constantly striving for balance, whether it’s with work, family life, exercise or food … so why ...

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