Could this boost your happiness?

I guess we’ve all tried to create different things to make us happy. For me i’ve tried detoxing from social media, having a 40 day challenge to do something different, adventurous or positive every day, given up alcohol etc but does any of it work. One of the key trends that is doing the rounds at the moment is list writing. No i’m not talking the Wunderlust app that allows you to do your ‘to do’ ...

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Tired all the time?

Are you one of the thousands of women who are Tired All The Time? According to statistics, we’re in the grips of an energy crisis. 20% of women are said to have suffered with fatigue that lasts for at least a month. A fifth of us say we don’t shower daily, purely because we’re too tired, and records show that 10% of GP appointments are to investigate unexplained tiredness. Doctors even have a ...

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I Meditate, should you?

A few years ago I read a life changing book which set me on a path of meditation that has quietened my mind and allowed me to really think. It could help you too. My meditation practice isn’t anything fancy. Indeed when asked “where’s mummy?” Miss H will be heard to say that she’s sitting quietly ignoring her family! I clearly don’t look like I’m doing anything special, but for me, meditating is ...

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